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Casino Rewards

We are proud to announce the first-class GoWild Rewards Program: join NOW and get rewarded from the moment you start playing.

As you collect Wild Points, you will enjoy the benefits of being an Exclusive Member of the GoWild Casino: loyalty bonuses, exclusive promotions, guest passes to tournaments and extra winning opportunities tailor-made for our dedicated players.

Below, you will see exactly how Loyalty Points work in our casino. The more you collect, the more rewarding your tier will be! You will begin with newcomer Green and Blue and advance further and further until you reach top player levels, as Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond by playing the best casino games online.
  • Qualification Points
  • Maintenance Points
  • Accelerate Your GoWild Earnings
  • Redeem Rewards Points
  • 500
  • -
  • -
  • Yes
  • 5,000
  • 1,000
  • 2% faster
  • Yes
  • 15,000
  • 2,500
  • 5% faster
  • Yes
  • 50,000
  • 10,000
  • 10% faster
  • Yes
  • 100,000
  • 25,000
  • 15% faster
  • Yes
  • 250,000
  • 50,000
  • 20% faster
  • Yes

How GoWild Casino rewards work

From the very first bet you place at GoWild, you will already reap awe-inspiring rewards. You will be able to collect Casino Wild Points and then redeem them for real cash, exchange them for casino bonus credits or use them to reach higher tiers

Winning Wild Points is as easy as ABC:


Go to www.gowildcasino.com straight from your mobile device


Quickly fill in the form and create your account


Visit banking, choose your best suited method and easily make your first deposit towards € 500 FREE + 2,500 Loyalty Rewards Points. 

Cashing Wild Points

Redeeming your Wild Points is simple! All you have to do is click on the Redeem for cash button in the Rewards section of your downloaded version of the casino. You will be redirected to the Wild Points Centre where you can redeem your total points into casino bonus credits or real cash.

Note: You can only redeem in units of 5,000 Wild Points. The exchange rate is 1 cash credit for 1000 points.

For every bet you place at GoWild, you will earn points according to the following allocations:

Game Type
Bet Size
Point allocation
Slot & unique games
1 Credit
1 Point
Table games
5 Credits
1 Point
Sic Bo & roulettes
10 Credits
1 Point
Video poker games, craps, baccarat and all the blackjack games except Classic Blackjack
20 Credits
1 Point
Classic Blackjack and All Aces Video Poker
100 Credits
1 Point
  1. You have even more reasons to play with the Loyalty Rewards Program, as it brings you more benefits than ever, for each of your play sessions. The GoWild Casino Rewards Program offers you unique flexibility and rewards you for simply playing all of your favorite games, giving you the chance to earn more points and at the same time driving you on to higher earning tiers.
  2. To maintain your position and benefits on a particular tier, you have to earn the required number of tier Loyalty Rewards Points within a set time period. This is known as the Upgrade Period. Depending on your amount of Loyalty Rewards Points, you can move up or down a tier. It is important to note that Loyalty Rewards Points can expire, although you will receive notice from the casino that an expiry date is approaching.
  3. A minimum number of Loyalty Rewards Points are necessary to qualify for each tier. Once you have earned enough tier Loyalty Rewards Points in the Upgrade Period, you qualify for an automatic upgrade and increased number of benefits attached to that tier.
  4. Once you have earned enough Loyalty Rewards Points, you can redeem them for credits in the Casino.
  5. Only base game play earns you tier Loyalty Rewards Points. Only tier points can move you up to the next tier.
  6. You will receive notifications and special offers depending on the tier which you are part of. To thank you for your loyalty, once the Silver tier is reached, you will start receiving invitations to special VIP tournaments and exclusive events. As a member of the Silver and Gold tiers you will have an account manager, while the Platinum and Diamond tiers will offer you the privilege to have a dedicated VIP account manager.
  7. From time to time, the Casino may have Special Loyalty Offers or the Casino managers may give you special awards-of-appreciation points. A Special Offer may be limited to specific games, certain times of a day or even different days of the week. Special Offers have a built-in multiplier so you can achieve an additional specified percent booster based on the number of tier loyalty rewards points you earned for the qualifying game play.
  8. The whole idea of the Rewards Program is to give you flexibility and control over your Loyalty Rewards Points. It’s your choice how you want to accumulate or redeem them within the program.
  9. The program is easy to use and navigate and is backed by our 24/7 Support Team and a full FAQ, so earn while you play in the snap of a finger!
  1. A minimum of 5,000 points can be redeemed at the exchange rate of 1 cash credit for 1000 points.
  2. Loyalty Rewards points expire after thirty (30) days if they are not redeemed.
  3. The casino reserves its right to change the terms and conditions of this promotion or to terminate it without noticing its players.
  4. The GoWild Casino standard terms and conditions apply to this promotion. If the standard terms and conditions conflict with the promotional terms and conditions, the promotional terms and conditions apply.
  5. In order to maintain a tier, a player must earn enough loyalty points in a 30-day period to meet the qualification criteria for that tier.
How do I qualify for the Rewards Program?+
The moment you sign up for a Real Money account, you will become a member of the Rewards Program. You start off in the Wild Green level and get 500 Loyalty points free. To earn more Loyalty Rewards Points, you`ll need to play and wager. How to play
How do Loyalty Rewards Points work?+
Loyalty Rewards Points are based on how much you wager at GoWild Casino: 1 credit wagered on slot games earns you 1 Loyalty point, while 5 credits wagered on table games will also earn you 1 Loyalty point. Points may be redeemed for cash credits: 1,000 Loyalty Rewards Points = 1 cash credit.
How do I access my Rewards Program profile information?+
Once you’ve logged in to the GoWild Casino software, you’ll find an “L” icon on the opening screen to the left. Click it to open up your Rewards Program information. Here, you can redeem your Loyalty Rewards Points for casino cash credits or change your personal details.
What happens if I don`t accumulate enough loyalty points in a month?+
You have to play and wager regularly, from one month to the next to maintain your level. You will drop a loyalty level if you don’t accumulate the required number of points to hold on to your current status.
Will my loyalty points expire?+
If you haven`t used your loyalty points for thirty (30) days since you last played, they will lose their validity.
How can I redeem my Rewards points?+
Go to the Rewards page in your GoWild Casino software and click the Redeem Loyalty Points button. Take note, you may redeem a minimum of 5,000 loyalty rewards points at a time.
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